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Do you want a job that takes you up high?

We’re inviting you to enroll to the flight attendant classes organized by the Aero Team aviation school!
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Aviation is not a profession, but rather a passion, and the smile that the cabin crew greet you with confirms this on every flight.
Our courses comply with the most rigorous safety standards and provide services of the highest quality. Alumni of the course receive a Certificate of Initial Safety Training for cabin crew members, valid in all states operating according to EU regulations. This Certificate is mandatory in the recruitment process. AERO TEAM offers the following training courses for Flight Attendants:

  • Initial Flight Attendant Training Course
  • Aircraft-Specific Certification Course
  • Conversion Course / Converting knowledge according to Aircraft Type
  • Flight Attendant Instructor Course

What is your dream job?

The training courses organised by AERO TEAM and certified by the Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority are internationally recognised and accepted by all European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) member states, and by all other states who recognise and accept the EASA provisions and regulations. Theoretical training is carried out using the most up-to-date methods, programs, instructional techniques and manuals, combining classical learning with online multimedia applications for distance learning, with logistics and environment designed to support the aspirations of future professional cabin crew members.
The job of Flight Attendant pays you to see the world, to go places you had only dreamt of, to discover new things and – why not – discover yourself. How can you not desire that? It is a unique and extremely challenging profession. You travel to all corners of the world and work in a multicultural environment, having the opportunity to interact with passengers of all nationalities. Day by day you soar above the clouds and see the sun shining, whether or not it is raining or snowing on the ground.

Why choose this job?

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a stewardess or steward?


For enrolling you’ll need to have:
  1. Minimum age: 18 years
  2. Good health
  3. English – Intermediate
  4. Clean rap sheet
  5. Birth certificate
  6. ID sized photos (6 pics)

Passion for flying, experience, reliability and Know-how.

Why aero team?

Start your new career

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What our former students have to say about us


I chose this school after receiving multiple positive reviews. The course was not easy, but the teachers are the best. They fascinated from the first time and gave me the hunger to fly. Immediately after finishing the classes Aero Team sent me to a job interview with Blue Air. They hired me and that was it, I’m working there presently. I am very proud for this accomplishment.


My experience during my course at Aero Team was unique and it gave me hope to dream again. This is not just a school to become a good cabin crew member but an understanding family that understands and guides you when things get hard. The lessons are fun, but essential for passing the final exam. Thanks Aero Team for transforming my dream to reality. I’ve met a lot of great people because of you.


For those of you that are searching for a way to bring fun back into your career with new and interesting experiences, than the place to be is the Aero Team school. For me this experience was a page of my life that I will not forget and I’m very proud that I chose it. In a very short period of time, these wonderful people gave me courage and I grew wings. The school teaches you all the info you need to pass your exams and become a great flight attendant. All that you need to do is become a better you. I wish all of you that will choose this career a lot of luck. Thank you for all the time and patience you’ve spent on my behalf Aero Team!